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New Arrivals - Supplements

Keep a watch on this area to be the first to know when we release a new and exciting product to the Weight Loss Surgery community! At Cost Price Supplements, we believe strongly in making what our members want and need. We have dedicated staff members who will listen to feedback, helping us to develop our products and services to best suit the needs of our members. In the past, we have worked on numerous projects and improvements, all thanks to feedback from YOU! Our Protein Perfection Protein Water is a great example of a community collaboration project, where we invited numerous weight loss surgery patients to test out and improve the sweetness levels of the protein water. Thanks to these efforts, protein perfection was a great success in revolutionising the market with a protein water specifically designed with taste preferences of actual Bariatric Members in mind. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CostPriceSupplements for any announcements of new and exciting products to come in the future!