I was due to have WLS and decided that I wanted to connect with others who have undergone this massive journey. As a result I set up Gastric Sleevers Association Facebook support groups.(GSA)

After 6 years, I personally have lost 110kg, had plastic surgery and built the GSA FB groups to over 10,000 members.

Part of this community was to assist those in their before, during and long term WLS journey. I came across Cost Price Supplements as the Protein Perfection water sounded brilliant. A large part of success is maintaining the fluids and Protein levels high, using the Protein Perfection Protein Water was a wonderful addition to our diets.

Over the past 18 months, GSA have worked closely with Cost Price Supplements (Chris in Particular) in assisting with what the larger WLS community needs. New products were launched and more to come. Working with this company has assisted the WLS community immensely. I will be continuing to recommend this site and the products to all WLS patients as it is Aussie owned and operated, and products Aussie based also.

Part of ongoing success requires vitamins, snack foods, fluids and protein based items. All of which can be found on this website and trying the sample products helps to ensure money is well spent before major purchases.

With the introduction of afterpay, this has enabled so many more WLS patients to ensure continued success in their journey.

Well Done to Chris and his team! Keep up the good work, my recommendations will continue.


My name is James and I’m based in Brisbane. I had gastric sleeve surgery on the 22nd of April to cure some respiratory issues. I had never set foot into a supplement store before and had no idea about any of the products in them. I was afraid to go in and explain my situation and admit that I knew nothing about supplements and nutrition.

I went into a store far from where I lived and left even more confused than when I had entered. I was told by the staff to consult my doctor about what I can and can’t have. I knew this wouldn’t work out either so I gave up. Then someone recommended Cost Price Supplements in Morningside. I sent of an email with some questions and I promptly heard back from the owner, Chris. He was so helpful and polite, and had recommended a couple of products that would suit me.

When I entered the store and introduced myself, he remembered me from our email the previous week. I explained to him about my surgery, my weight loss goals and he asked me about my taste preferences and picked out some samples for me to try while I was there. I was very impressed by Chris’ knowledge of the needs of bariatric patients and also his passion for helping those in the weight loss community.

Over the past three months, since surgery I’ve lost 29 kilos and have had more energy than I’ve ever had before and it wouldn’t have felt this easy without all the help I’ve had from Chris and his team. They’re always there to suggest the right supplements and I love that I can try them before I purchase them too.

I’d recommend them to anyone who’s had or having WLS, whether you’re new to supplements of not. They can steer you in the right direction and it’s great to have someone who’s knowledgeable about the WLS community and who cares. They’re also the cheapest place I’ve seen too.


Hey Guys! I’m Chantelle, known more commonly on Instagram as @chantellevsg. I live in Melbourne and had gastric sleeve surgery on the 5th March 2014. I was 179.9kg alongside other health conditions, drastic times called for drastic measures and I’m so glad i did. I’ve lost over 100kg and I’m steadily maintaining.

Prior to finding Cost Price Supplements I had never visited nor even thought about purchasing from a supplement store. I had no idea about any of the products or what I may need. I approached Chris and the team after discussing with my dietitian, finding out I was lacking vitamins and needed to up my protein intake. Chris got back to me very quickly; he is really down to earth, approachable, honest and will tell you what and will work for you depending on your needs. He is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

As I started going more vigorously at the gym and working out more to gain muscle mass and tone my body, Chris and the team have always been a great support – ensure I have the right amount of protein in my diet, supplying me with pre-workout for when I need it and reminding me to take my vitamins! My first products I started on was the protein waters, I then upgraded to including the jellies, other snacks and now using a lot of the protein powders. 3 years ago, I had never thought that this is the Chantelle I could become, and it wouldn’t have happened without all the help I’ve had from Chris and his team. They’re always there to suggest the right supplements. It’s great to have someone who’s knowledgeable about what WLS patients need and generally about the WLS community as a whole and someone who cares and understands.

Highly recommend to anyone who has had WLS and requires assistance with supplements and dietary assistance.