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Featured Weight Loss Surgery Product Ranges

Protein Perfection Range

Protein Perfection Protein Water and Jelly have been developed 100% for Weight Loss Surgery Patients, both nutritionally and flavour wise. As a protein supplementation drink, Protein Perfection utilises free from Amino Acids – the building blocks of protein which can be absorbed instantly with no tummy problems.

Protein Perfection contains ZERO: sugar, fat, preservatives, gluten. Each 360g bag contains 40 scoops, and can be consumed based on protein needs. Each scoop contains amino acids equivalent to 8g of protein.

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BN WLS Vitamins Range

BN Multi are specialists in bariatric surgery multivitamins. With detailed understanding in how digestion and body absorption functions after surgery, BN vitamins are hypoallergenic, easy to absorb and is the best source of vitamin supplements for any WLS member.

Multivitamins contains a comprehensive Vitamin B-Complex and quality trace minerals.

Calcium tablets contain the most easily absorbed form of calcium citrate with Vitamin D.

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Cost Price Supplements - Boomers WPI 1kg bag

Boomers WPI

Boomers Protein – 100% Whey Protein Isolate is our recommendation for a dairy protein source. It contains only the purest and highest quality whey protein, made from grass fed, hormone-free cow’s milk. Protein is extracted by ultra fine filtration and cross flow microfiltration technology, extracting all the nutrients. This protein powder is 100% natural and unsweetened, and can be added to any food or drink to incorporate extra quality protein to your diet.

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NFWLS Guidebooks

When it comes to expert advice for all things Weight Loss Surgery, there is no one more advised than the team at Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery – dietitians Sally Johnston and Justine Hawke. Together, they have released helpful guidebooks for lifestyle, nutrition and general good information for anyone part of the weight loss surgery journey.

We recommend a copy of “
Your Complete Guide to Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery”, for great tips, excellent recipes and much more!

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Protein Snacks / bars

Everyone feels peckish sometimes, that’s why we are here with all the best tasting and healthiest HIGH protein snack bars. Choose from a large variety of protein bars, cookies, pancakes… EVEN protein ice creams! Available in many many delicious flavours, we make sure the WLS community has their snacktime sorted!

Too many options? We make it easy with the Healthy Bars Trial pack featuring 4 hand-picked protein bars in 6 delicious flavours! The only hard part is waiting for them to arrive!

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