SAN – Pure CLA 1250 – 90caps (Z)

SAN – Pure CLA 1250 – 90caps

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Product Description

Product Name: SAN – Pure CLA 1250 – 90caps


Brand: SAN


Product Type: Amino Acids / Individual Single Amino Acids / Fat Burner / Non-Stimulant



If you’re serious about effectively decreasing your body fat and increasing your lean muscle mass, then Pure CLA is the one for you.


Pure CLA contains conjugated linoleic acid which is a natural fatty acid found in animal sources such as beef, poultry, eggs and even dairy products. It has been proven to impact the way our body decomposes and stores fat in our cells. It decreases directly the storage of triglycerides in our adipose cells by decreasing the activity of the enzyme responsible. It also helps in breaking down fatty acids for energy production.


Key Features:

-burn fat

-weight loss


Directions of Use:

Take one softgel three times a day with your meal.

SAN - Pure CLA 1250 - 90caps (Z)

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