Optimum - Protein Crunch Bar
Optimum – Protein Crunch BarOptimum – Protein Crunch Bar Nutritional Panel

Optimum – Protein Crunch – Box of 12 bars

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Product Description

Product Name: Optimum – Protein Crunch – Box of 12 bars


Brand: Optimum Nutrition


Product Type: Protein Snacks



Power Crunch takes the protein snacks to a new level. This incredibly tasty bar will hit the spot for anyone. It has a lightly puffy crispy texture that is incredibly satisfying along with a rich decadent taste. For a post-workout treat or just an everyday high protein snack, power crunch bars are the way to go.


Key Features:

  • Amazingly light texture compared to other protein bars
  • Deliciously crunchy
  • Decadent taste
  • Full of edible chunks
  • 20g of Protein, 7g of Fat and 12g of complex carbohydrates


Directions of Use:

Enjoy the yummy snack!


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