Niulife – Coconut Clarity 500ml

Niulife – Coconut Clarity 500ml

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Product Description

Product Name: Niulife – Coconut Clarity 500ml

Brand: Niulife


Product Type: General Health – Vitamins & Minerals



Coconut Clarity by Niulife is a premium quality blended oil that is specifically formulated to optimise mental clarity and nourish insulin-resistant brain cells for example cells that are affected by Alzheimer’s as there is a tendency to struggle to use glucose. Coconut Clarity by Niulife can also assist in using fat for energy especially with its uniquely formulated fats found in Niulife Coconut Clarity. Coconut Clarity by Niulife is also very versatile as it is a liquid oil you can mix with salads, steam vegetables, dips and breakfast cereals to help assist in nourishing damaged brain cells as a substitute of glucose. Coconut Clarity by Niulife is also suitable for Vegans as this product contains Vegan-Sourced Omega 3 oils from chia, flax and camelina. All these oils are designed to help optimise your metal clarity and take on whatever lies ahead! It has never been clearer to try Coconut Clarity by Niulife in order to optimise your mental focus!

Directions for use:

Manufacturer recommends storing this product out of direct light but refrigeration not required. If sold, warm very gently and then shake before using. For best effect take 1 or 2 tablespoons before meals or as part of a low carbohydrate meal. As with any edible oil product, a sudden increase in ingestion may cause digestive upset so build up gradually to the recommended serving of up to 6 tablespoons per day. For maximum benefit consume within two months of opening.