Z – Giant Sports – Casein 907g (2lbs)Giant Sports – Delicious Casein 907g (2lbs)

Giant Sports – Delicious Casein 907g (2lbs)

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Product Description

Product Name: Giant Sports Delicious Casein


Brand: Giant Sports


Product Type: Protein Powders / Casein Protein / Post Workout Protein / Applicable for male and females

This casein protein is applicable for consumption by both male and females. It is available for use to a variety of consumers from your everyday fitness enthusiasts to sprinters and bodybuilders. It is best for losing body fat/weight loss, increasing muscle recovery/mass and overall athletic performance.


This casein protein is designed to digest over a period of seven (7) hours, which makes it perfect for consumption before sleep or anytime throughout the day when it is difficult to access meals. Casein is beneficial because it’s absorbed so much slower than other proteins it acts as an anti-catabolic protein, which means it reduces significant muscle breakdown and provides your body an available nutrient source for hours, helping appetite control and muscle recovery.



This powerful formula Casein is filled with explosive amounts of casein protein to help you enhance your workout results and pump those muscles to the max!

This powerful supplement is inclusive of all three types of casein including alpha, beta and kappa! It is highly beneficial to those seeking to improve their muscle mass, strength and recovery!


Casein Protein is highly beneficial for providing the body with a sustained supply of amino acids due to its unique slower absorption rate into the bloodstream. This increases the use and effectiveness of casein amino acids, providing a more sustained boost to nitrogen balance (which is key to build muscle) and to reduce protein breakdown, whilst extend the feeling of fullness. Additionally this supplement also contains glutamine to fight muscle fatigue and aid muscle recovery.


For optimum results, consume this supplement a few hours before bed to provide your body with sufficient time to absorb all the amino acids and allow maximum nitrogen retention in the muscle for muscle building.


However this product can be taken as a post workout supplement – to enhance muscle recovery and lean muscle gain or it can be consumed anytime during the day to satisfy your regular protein requirements.


Key Features:

-increases muscle mass and strength

-lean muscle mass gain

-slow digesting protein benefits

-prevents muscle catabolism

-improves muscle recovery


Directions of Use:

Use 1 (one) scoop with 300mls of water once immediately before bed or post workout. Can be taken as a meal replacement for breakfast and or whenever a meal replacement/protein is needed in the day.

Giant Sports - Casein 4lb (N)

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