GENR8 – Vitargo S2 – 1.875kg (4.1lbs)

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Product Description

Product Name: GENR8 – Vitargo S2


Brand: GENR8


Product Type: Carbohydrates



Vitargo S2 is a high carb supplement proven to move through the stomach up to 2.3 times faster than maltodextrin found in other common sports drinks and powders. It allows faster carbohydrate digestion and absorption into the body due to its low osmolality and molecular carbohydrate form. It also aids with fast muscle glycogen refuelling and therefore muscle performance.

This gluten free, lab tested product gets into muscles faster and boosts performance in your next workout. It also turns off muscle protein breakdown without any bloating or heavy stomach feeling common to many carbohydrate products. Vitargo S2 is the only product that delivers carbohydrate to muscle and the rest of the body after exhaustive exercise.



Starch syrup: is a thick, sticky, natural sugar substitute which contains a mixture of maltose, glucose and higher saccharides and is made from the starch of maize. It is similar to maltodextrin in is composition where it has a higher molecular weight. The higher the molecular weight, the less osmolality which means the less potential for abdominal discomfort.


Maltodextrin: Is a polysaccharide which is utilised as a food additive and is produced from starch by hydrolysis. Maltodextrin consists of glucose units which are linked glycosidic bonds and is typically a mixture of 3 – 17 glucose chains. It is a more complex molecule and harder to digest than dextrose which takes a little longer to be absorbed. It has the ability to generate a desirable insulin peak which accompaniments that produced by dextrose.


Dextrose: is a simple carbohydrate that is rapidly absorbed. It is a natural compound and the body recognizes it as a primary energy source. Once absorbed, it initiates an insulin spike creating an environment highly favourable for metabolic muscle rebuilding allowing the recovery of glycogen stores and reduce cortisol levels.


Key features

  • High carb content
  • No sugar
  • Great for muscle recovery
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Better endurance


Directions for use:

Consume this product 30 minutes prior to working out, and up-to 3 times a day – at breakfast, prior to training, and post-training.


Suggested dose: Consume two scoops with water up to 3 times a day.


GENR8 - Vitargo S2 - 1.875kg (4.1lbs)

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