Boomers – Protein WPI 1kg

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Product Name: Boomers – Whey protein isolate


Brand: Boomers


Product type: Natural protein/post-workout protein/protein powders/weight loss surgery products (WLS recommended)/ Whey protein isolate/Women’s protein.


This protein is classed into multiple categories. This Whey Protein Isolate is applicable for consumption by both male and females. It is best for increasing muscle mass, losing weight, improving recovery time and overall athletic performance.


Whey protein isolate is among the best types of Whey due to it having the highest protein content and the lowest carbohydrate and fat content than any other whey. This type of whey protein also contains the least amount of lactose, making it applicable for most people who are lactose intolerant. Whey protein isolate will also digest within 30mins which will enable the consumer to eat regularly with minimal disruptions to their meal patterns.




Boomers 100% whey protein isolate is produced in New Zealand from grass-fed dairy cows on pastures maintained without the use of herbicides and pesticides. This whey protein isolate formula contains 99.6% whey protein isolate and 0.4% soy lecithin. It contains no sweeteners, no flavouring, no colouring, no preservatives and no fillers. It is produced by ultra-filtration processes which produces a natural, undenatured protein. It provides abundant naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAAS) and contains minimal lactose. It also contains glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid which are 3 essential amino acids utilised by cells to produce glutathione. Glutathione is crucial for growth, recovery and the resistance to disease.


Boomers Whey Protein Isolate assist you in gaining lean muscle mass by increasing your consumption of protein which is a major structural component of muscles. It also assists with weight loss because it naturally controls your appetite and caloric intake.



Whey Protein Isolate: Whey Protein Isolate contains a higher percentage of pure protein than other types of whey protein known as whey concentrate and whey hydrolysate. Whey proteins are highly bioavailable and are rapidly absorbable and contain a high concentration of amino acids. Whey Protein Isolate is commonly used today because its rapidly digestives and converts the body from a catabolic state back to an anabolic state.


The amino acids:

Alanine: Is a non-essential amino acid that can be manufactured from other sources if required. Alanine is one of the simplest of the amino acids and is involved in the energy producing breakdown of glucose. In condition of sudden energy need, when muscle proteins are broken down for energy, alanine acts as a carrier molecule to take the nitrogen contain amino group to the liver to be changed to less toxic urea.


Arginine: An essential amino acid which increases insulin secretion and is converted to urea in the liver by arginase.


Tyrosine: Is used by the body to stimulate chemical messengers that are involved in releasing norepinephrine and dopamine.


Aspartic acid: Is an amino acid that acts on the central region of the brain causing a release of hormones including the luteinizing hormone, growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormone.


Cysteine: Is known as a non-essential amino acid which is a key component of glutathione which supports various vital physiological functions. It functions in detoxification, skin formation and the recovery of hair and nail tissue. It also enhances the immune system function by encouraging the white blood cell activity.


Proline: Is a non-essential amino acid that is an essential component of collagen which is vital for adequate functioning of joints tendons. This amino acid helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles.


Glutamic acid: Is a non-essential amino acid that stimulates neurotransmitters in the spinal cord and brain and is also required for adequate cell functions.


Glycine: Is a non-essential amino acid that regulates the synthesis of bile which functions in the digestion of lipids. This amino acid is also important for the development of skeletal muscles, tissues, synthesis of nucleic acids and structural integrity.


Valine: Is an essential amino acid that assists in the prevention of muscle breakdown because it provides the muscles with additional glucose required for energy production.


Histidine: Is a semi-essential amino acid that functions as a precursor of histamine which is a compound that is released by the immune system in an allergic reaction.


Isoleucine: Is an amino acid which enhances endurance and assists with muscle recovery.


Threonine: An essential amino acid that makes up collagen, elastin, bones, enamel protein and promotes the metabolism of lipids in the liver. This amino acid also supports cardiovascular, liver, immune and central nervous system functioning.


Lysine: Is an essential amino acid which has an important role in calcium absorption and building muscle proteins. Lysine aids in the recovery from trauma or surgery and helps the body to produce hormones, enzymes and antibodies. It also has an important role in the production of carnitine which is a nutrient that converts fatty acids into energy.


Tryptophan: Is an amino acid that is an essential building block for numerous organic molecules including enzymes, serotonin, neurotransmitters, melatonin and structural proteins.


Leucine: Is an essential amino acid important for various metabolic reactions and protein synthesis. This amino acid regulates blood sugar levels, enhances growth and promotes the recovery of bones and muscle tissues.


Serine: Is a non-essential amino acid that has an important role in various biological pathways in the digestive and central nervous system. It also aids in the functioning of RNA and DNA and manufactures serotonin.


Key features

  • Increase energy
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Weight loss


Directions for use

Mix 1 (one) scoop with 250mL of water and consume immediately after completing your workout (post-workout) Can be taken for breakfast and or whenever protein is needed in the day. Can also be consumed 30minutes before workout if needed.


Boomers - Protein WPI 1kg

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