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ATP Science – Beta Alanine 250g

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Product Description

Product Name: ATP Science – Beta Alanine


Brand: ATP Science


Product Type: Beta-Alanine



Beta Alanine provides the right kind of fuel to accelerate maximum workout power. This anabolic fuel with work to provide the nutritional stimulus for both aerobic and anaerobic endurance. It also works to decrease muscle fatigue for a more productive workout. It is easily absorbed into the body and therefore starts showing its effects right from day one. It increases intracellular carnosine levels which delays muscle fatigue and metabolic acidosis.


It also increases muscular capacity while also improving muscle strength and power output to ensure your muscle growth is fully supported. This supplement is great for fulfilling your body’s energy requirements before and after a workout.


Beta Alanine: is among the non-essential amino acid group, which when consumed gets converted into a natural chemical compound called carnosine. The carnosine’s role is to increase physical endurance by imparting stamina to muscle groups. In other words beta-alanine’s primary role is to buffer and reduce the accumulation of acid residue during a workout. This aids in the reduction of lactic acid build which directly contributes to reducing muscle fatigue.


Key Features:

  • Increase Workout Power
  • Delay Muscle Fatigue
  • Increase Power Output
  • Muscle Growth is Supported
  • Increase Muscle Strength


Directions of Use:

Mix 2g of powder in water and consume 20mins prior to exercise.