bariatric measure bottle, measure, bottle, increment, bottle
bariatric measure bottle, measure, bottle, increment, bottle

Bariatric Measure Bottle – Water Control

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Product Description

Product Name: (Bariatric) Measure Bottle – Water Control


Product Description: Finally, it’s Arrived! After 3 months of manufacturing this “(Bariatric) Measure Bottle” has landed! It is designed to assist weight loss surgery community members with their daily water intake!


  • Personally, manufactured by request of WLS community!
  • Ensures goal of 2 litres water daily!
  • BPA Free (Plastic)


Built with a fun sense of humour with animated tear drops, this bottle has the time of Day and Night 9AM to 7PM to help our community members drink more water! Also because of the demand of popularity of your favourite “Protein Perfection – Protein Water”.


Directions for use:

Add fill to the top of the bottle with water/liquid, add “Protein Perfection – Protein Water Powder”


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