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The House Goes 1 on 1 with Michelle Davis


Introducing Michelle Davis! AdvoCare Advisor, Competitor & Owner of Mshell Fitness! Michelle has over 350+ clients worldwide and lives to help people to reach their goals and transform them into their dream bodies!

[Q]: How did you find your way into the Fitness Industry?

[A]: Oh do I have a story! To keep it short and sweet, I was “THAT GIRL” who did every fad diet & workout video that was known to man. In other words … I was HOPELESS. At the age of 17 I hit 150 lbs.. yep sure did and I was only 5’2.. mhm sure was. Those two things added up equaled me in pant sizes of 7′s & 9′s with some killer muffin tops. You better believe it and I wasn’t having that. So I did something I should have done all along, I learned general nutrition. With that and me falling in love with running (because running would “make me bulky” hehe) I found myself a year later at 104lbs, size 0! I was SKINNNNAYYY! I was at the gym one day and I saw this Baddddd looking chick and I turned to my boyfriend at the time and said “WHO IS THAT AND WHAT DOES SHE DO?” He told me her name was Natalie Calland and she was an Ifbb Figure Pro. Well what do you know, I ended up meeting with Natalie who Lead me to Mike Davies and he kicked off my life time passion for LIFTING HEAVY and “getting big”. Funny what happens when you stick to the plan, have patience & work hard every single day!

[Q] : Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

[A]: Hands Down DLB, Baby!!! For those of you who don’t know her… Dana Lynn Bailey is an IFBB Physique Pro and she is the most real & bad chick I know. I actually got to get a picture with her at the Arnold Pro Show. I had the honor of handing out awards and I turned around to get in line and I see my #1 inspiration and about died! It’s crazy how big of an impact you can have on someone. I swear I trained harder the whole month later after seeing her!


 [Q]: Do you have any supplements that have become staples in your diet?

[A]: I am an AdvoCare Advisor, so the staples to my diet are those products. However, the two things I will never switch are my Glutamine Select and my Chocolate UMP from Beverly International!

[Q]: Where is your favourite location to work out in?

[A]: I currently train at LA fitness. However I just visited a friend in Georgia and got to go on base to train and that was the best gym I’ve ever been to. Just the atmosphere made everything so much more intense and I felt so much more focused! Not to mention, it made me sweat, A LOT and days I walk away with elbow sweat I know I’ve officially “killed it” … LOL.

[Q]: What is your favourite body part to train and your favourite body part to show off?

[A]: Boulder shoulders!!! All day everyday! But no, really, I can’t get enough! It was my weak spot for a long time & after a brutal off season of heavy food and 2 shoulder days a week, they’re finally growing!! My favorite part to show off… Would be my legs.

[Q]: What kind of music do you use to pump you up during your workouts?

[A]: I love the Flag Nor fail station on Pandora also any newer hip hop. I do a lot of high intensity work and plyos during my lifting so I need / love anything up beat that keeps me moving.


[Q]: What is your pet hate in the gym?

[A]: When people hog the dumbbells. Nothing’s worse then being in the middle of a workout and needing a weight and their is someone with 8 different dumbbells all around them. There is gym etiquette & people should know better.

[Q]: Where can we find you?


[Q]: What is your ultimate life goal?

[A]: I love competing, I REALLY DO, but I love changing lives more & lately I have had a lot of clients fly me out to stay with them. This is winning my heart and I hope to continue to grow in the fitness industry, get my name out there, inspire, motivate people and continue to be the trainer I was when I started that was SO passionate about changing lives. My ultimate life goal is to continue to grow my company and reach out to as many girls and guys who have felt the same way I once did.


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